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Cyberpunk Mad Andreas Sci Fi World

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You have to rise from the very bottom of society to the top, the criminal world of the future.
Playing as a cyborg who will perform the most dirty work, moving towards his goal.
At your disposal will be the whole city, with unlimited actions for you, the study of which will take you more than one hour.
A huge number of missions, for the implementation of which, you will advance, in a fascinating story, making money to buy weapons, cars and real estate.
-Big arsenal of weapons.
-A huge number of vehicles in the style of sci fi.
-An extensive, sci-fi city, for exploration, with an open world.
-Innumerable, exciting missions, with an interesting storyline.
Move to a gloomy and cruel city of the future, where people who have replaced their bodies with metal are fighting every day for their lives under the light of cold neon rays!

*mouse*= look, shoot, aim, switch weapon
*space*= jump
*E*=sit or exit car
*WASD*= move or drive
*P*= pause
*C*= switch car camera



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