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Slap & Run

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In this addictive game youíre the cityís top slapper, and everybody needs to know! People are calmly strolling down the sidewalk, enjoying their day, and you canít stand it!

The more people you slap, the bigger the crowd that will try to chase you down. Keep on racking up those slaps while you avoid obstacles and projectiles that will slow you down. You donít want to know what happens when the mob gets its hands on you...

The controls are simple and addictive: just swipe left and right to move your character. Get close enough to a pedestrian and youíll give them a big slap upside the face!

Objective: Slap as many passengers as possible and run away without being caught

- Win: The character reaches the end of the race without being stumbled by any obstacles or being caught
- Loss: The character is caught by the other passengers or police that he has slapped or he is stumbled by an obstacle



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